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It is already quite a few years ago that I fell very ill from a strange illness with an enormous amount of weird strong symptoms. The medical system did not help me so I had to find out myself what was wrong with me.

And what I found out gave me the answer not only about my present illness, but that I have actually been ill of the same thing unknown to me my whole life. And even stranger : it has made me the way I am. I would have been a different person with a different life without it.

Very simply explained you could say that I am endogenously “half drunk” all the time. I have the secondary effects of alcohol…. without drinking any alcohol….

This is caused by an increased mast cell activation and endogenous acetaldehyde level. I have even proved it with laboratory acetaldehyde blood tests.

I have made an incredibly important medical discovery concerning both body and brain.

Because I don’t believe for one second that I am the only one who is affected by this.

– I claim that I have found the cause of autism / spectrum conditions (sc) and much, much more than that and what I can describe here in a few words because autism / sc is actually part of a bigger medical phenomena. It is a part of what makes us who we are as humans as an influence in our lives, we are all part of this “spectrum”.

– This effect is caused by the mast cell mediators and/or endogenously produced acetaldehyde and it can give an incredible amount of symptoms on both brain and body.

– It is the cause of ME/CFS and if not completely then it is a very big part of it and is most likely involved in Long Covid and many other medical conditions.

– A very common medical condition but not yet properly recognized as such by medical science.

Tests have to be developed to recognise these medical phenomena. The answer will be in the different mast cell mediators, accurate blood tests for endogenous acetaldehyde or the involved biological pathways.

  • Disclaimer : what you do with the information given on this site is your own responsibility. People are supposedly not capable of thinking for themselves in these matters so please see a doctor first before even thinking about doing something with the information provided. I can not imagine that the doctor you will see is as useless as the many doctors I have met, that must have been simply bad luck and a rare anomaly of the medical system.
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