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It is already quite a few years ago that I fell very ill from a strange illness with an enormous amount of weird strong symptoms. The medical system did not help me so I had to find out myself what was wrong with me.

And what I found out gave me the answer not only about my present illness, but that I had actually been ill of the same thing unknown to me my whole life. And even stranger : it has made me the way I am. I would have been a different person with a different life without it.

Very simply explained you could say that I am “drunk” of endogenous acetaldehyde… And I have even proved it with laboratory blood tests.

I have made an incredibly important medical discovery concerning both body and brain health.

Because I don’t believe for one second that I am the only one who is affected by this.

– I claim that I have found the cause of autism / spectrum conditions (sc) and much, much more than that and what I can describe here in a few words because autism / sc is actually part of a bigger medical phenomena / problem.

– It is because of more than usual endogenously produced acetaldehyde that influences the brain of a young child in development that the brain changes and “sets” itself permanently in that state, it is a matter of when, how much and for how long that determines how severe this is.

– If present some time later in life it can give an incredible amount of problems and effects in a physical and brain influencing way.

– A very common medical condition but unrecognized yet by conventional medicine 

Accurate blood tests for endogenous acetaldehyde can be used as a blood marker for these medical phenomena

  • Disclaimer : what you do with the information given on this site is your own responsibility. People are supposedly not capable of thinking for themselves in these matters so please see a doctor first before even thinking about doing something with the information provided. I can not imagine that the doctor you will see is as useless as the many doctors I have met, that must have been simply bad luck and a rare anomaly of the medical system. And penguins could really fly if they only tried harder.
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