Going to try again

It was not possible for me to write anything for a long time, I hit very bad times for all sorts of reasons that I won’t go into.

A part of that is also what you see more in people with ME/CFS symptoms it is not uncommon : they start writing and then it stops because they can’t bring themselves to do it anymore, they can do without the effort it brings in their life. You can’t do what a normal person can do however simple it looks sometimes to an outsider.

I am also suffering from all sorts of brain dysfunction effects that this illness brings, the logical thinking is still there that is not the problem but to actually put it to work is very difficult for me, many times I picked up a keyboard and yet I could not get anything useful done, after only a few words it stopped the effort was too much. It is almost like something similar to a “writer’s block” but then caused by physical brain dysfunctioning, these are not psychological issues! I hardly remember what I wrote before either…even the memory has problems. Well I am “half drunk” all the time… it actually makes some sense if you look at it from that perspective. Finding out that I do not enjoy writing much however doesn’t make it any better.

Sometimes I feel slightly better these days and I think I will try again.

– I have decided that I will simply put a whole lot of what I found out in this kind of format in a couple of sentences.

It is going to be a bit of a “jungle” for you people to get through and piece it together don’t expect anything nicely readable and organized… it is not possible at the moment.

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